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I took my family to visit Frank Slide. Although we had read up on the natural disaster and talked to the kids about it, nothing could have prepared any of us for what we saw. As we drove closer to the original location of Frank, the vastness of the landslide became apparent. No matter which car window you looked out of, it was there. Some boulders were the size of vehicles and, in some cases, buildings lying there undisturbed for the last 100 years. It looked as though God had come down to a mount of clay and made a smooth cut with a scalpel.

To help understand the magnitude of the slide and the experiences of the people living there at the time, I would recommend visiting the interpretive centre. There are many interactive and informative exhibits as well as a movie that depicts the events of that fateful day. The film really brought the story alive and out of the history books for our kids. People are named by name and and their fates clearly spelled out.


The Frank Slide Interpretive Centre completed its renovations in 2008 and has many new exhibits for you to enjoy.

Open year-round
May 15 - September 14
9:00am - 6:00pm

September 15 - May 14
10:00am - 5:00pm

Closed: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Day & Easter Sunday.


Frank Slide is located 1.5 km off Highway #3 in the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. (As you approach the location of the original town of Frank, you will see a vast sprawl of limestone and the interpretive centre is right in the debris!)


If you are interested in learning more about this incredible site, click here To read a moment to moment account of the events of April 29, 1903 as the people lived them, click here.

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