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Alberta is a popular holiday destination for Canadian and international visitors alike.  Let’s discover what makes this province unique!


  • Capital City: Edmonton (not Calgary as many believe!)  With a population of about 800,000 fun-loving Edmontonians, this city is full of life and famous for its festivals.  Sights you won't want to miss include the Parliament Building, West Edmonton Mall, Muttart Conservatory and Fort Edmonton Park.
  • Location: between 49 and 60 degrees north latitude and between 110 and 120 degrees west longitude.  When Canadians say "North of the 49th" we are referring to Canada - since the Canada-US border runs along the 49th parallel.  This is the longest international border in the world!
  • Sunshine: We receive 2330 hours of sunshine annually, the highest number of hours in Canada - so if it is sun you are looking for - you will enjoy our clear blue skies and warm rays!
  • Size: The area of our province is - 661 185 sq km (255 303 sq mi), making it the fourth largest province in Canada.
  • Population: 3 375 800 (Statistics Canada 2006). Over 10% of Canada’s population resides in this province.
  • We have five, (yes 5!!) of Canada’s 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as designated by the United Nations.
  1. Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump (1981)
  2. Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks (1984)
  3. Dinosaur Provincial Park (1979)
  4. Waterton Glacier International Peace Park (1995)
  5. Wood Buffalo National Park (1983) - together with the Northwest Territories
  • Highest mountain: Mt. Columbia 3 747 m (12 294 ft) making it the second highest peak in the Canadian Rockies.
  • International Airports: Edmonton International and Calgary International.
  • Golf Crazy?: There are more than 280 golf courses; seven of Canada’s signature courses are located here.
  • Ski Bums?: There are at least 66 regional ski hills in the province as well as 6 major Canadian Rockies ski resorts.

    Data and photos provided by Travel Alberta. For more information visit their great website!

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