Artists of the Rockies

People have been coming to the Canadian Rockies for over a century now - some come for relaxation, some come for health reasons, and some come to be inspired by surroundings that speak to the soul.

We are very pleased to have discovered the following artists and their treasures. Each uses a different medium to express their moods, thoughts and feelings and each have thrilled visitors and locals with their results.

We would like to introduce you to our section on artists who have found inspiration in the Canadian Rockies! Enjoy!

Olinger Art
Louise Olinger was just a person like you and me, working as an accountant and living her life with her family here in the Rocky Mountain town of Canmore when, one day, the little voice inside her told her to take a watercolour course. And are we ever glad she did. It was at this watercolour course that she discovered her passion for painting...
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Inuit Art by Angus
Born in Tuktoyaktuk, NT, in Canada’s Western Arctic, Inuit sculptor and multimedia artist, Angus Cockney is quite a remarkable person. Drawing on a rich and varied life experience, Angus Cockney works with stone and other media - traditional in form but with a flexibility of thinking that embraces contemporary topics. "I'm a Canadian artist", Angus says. "I like to explore...

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