Could you Make a Site about Your Passion? Yup-with-SBI!!

Wondering about how we made this site? Could you make a site about your passion? Yup-with-SBI!!

It isn't as glamorous as it looks!! (Let's keep that our little secret!) There is no office to go to - just our computer and the world outside our little home, made available to us through the wonder of the internet! Making a website has not been easy, especially since this is not at all our "thing", but there is one thing I know for sure: if we can do this, anyone can.

We began by chance, coming across Ken Evoy on the net - hmm, I thought, smart guy, good ideas, intriguing products. I had wanted to put up a website for a long time but how? Who could help me do this? First I bought "Make Your Site Sell", a step-by-step guide which can help you make any site sell - to find out what this guy was about. From there I found out about Solo Build It! Read a little about it and what makes it different from all the other web offers. I had looked at many things "out there" and kept coming back to Solo Build It! Told my wife about the many tools, bonuses and supports there were with SBI to help you along this journey, and so I downloaded the Action Guide and followed it's every suggestion.

Now, where do I begin about the Action Guide. It is NOT what you think. It really is more than an instruction book - it is a little black shadow that sits on your shoulder and whispers in your ear (known as "your personal Action Guide"), with a whip incidently, that whips you into shape by telling you about every step you should take, day by day, cheering you on and helping you see the light of success at the end of the tunnel. (In addition to the daily steps, there are sidebars that give you extra ideas or examples pertaining to different site models and how you could make it work for your site!)

Let's face it, when you are dealing with something as complicated as the internet and using a computer to create a site - you need as much help as you can get!! That is where the "block system" comes in. Not all of us are html-savy (to say the least...), but the SBI block system helps you create the pages - you just have to focus on what you know and that is CONTENT. Let SBI do the search engine submissions and just keep writing content. It is what you know best anyway.

SBI websites are content-based sites because CONTENT SELLS. Yup-with SBI it becomes very apparent that good content sells. There is no need for trying to convince clients and search engines that your site is worth visiting - build trust with good content and let the rest just follow. This is how we have used SBI to create our website about what we know and love, the Canadian Rockies. Yes, it is a lot of hard work, and we are not finished yet, but is it possible? Yup-with SBI!

One more thing before you watch the super video a fellow SBIer put up which really summarizes everything: The SBI support system is incredible! Remember, you are working with computers!! Are there going to be problems? You bet. The support that fellow SBIers and the SBI Supprt Team offer can help you overcome all types of problems. You really feel like you are being thrown a lifeline at the forums when people from all around the world read your problem and give advice.

It isn't easy to sum up Solo Build It in a few paragraphs, but I hope I have given you an idea of what it has to offer and what makes it so special. And now - on with the show!!

WAHM "Work At Home Moms"

Free Downloads to come...

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