Amazing British Columbia
Your Ideal Souvenir of BC

Amazing British Columbia!

The phrase can burst out at almost anywhere you choose to travel in Canada's most westerly province.

The ragged coastline with deep fjords, remote islands, and secret beaches? Amazing!

The roiling rivers or quiet lakes? Amazing!

The vast and open northland where you can drive all day and not see any other vehicles? Amazing!

Any of the seven mountain ranges from those with their toes in the ocean to those with their backs against Alberta? Amazing!

Where else can you pan for gold, stand under a waterfall, photograph a mountain sheep, and hike in a desert all on one vacation?

And that's just the natural part! British Columbians live in cities, towns, and villages as well as on remote ranches, mines, or lumber camps. No matter what you want, it's probably around the corner in this stunning province.

An Amazing Book
for an Amazing Province

Whether you have seen BC for yourself or you just love to dream, Amazing British Columbia: A Natural History from A to Z could be just what you are looking for.

With a lifetime spent revelling in the glories of BC, Audrey Owen, a former primary teacher, wrote an alphabet book that includes things about her province that make even those who grew up in BC say, "Wow! I never knew that!".

"I'm good with words, not with photos," says Audrey. So she searched high and low for the best photos she could find to illustrate the wonders she shares. The photographers range from those with world-wide acclaim and awards to two teenage boys.

Together they introduce the reader to

  • Moonmilk -- BC has the largest deposit in the world
  • The sea creature with blue blood
  • The animal that grows from about ? pound (0.227 grams) to 75 pounds (34,000 grams or 34 kilograms) in its first eight months
  • The second-shortest river in the world...

And of course, many other fascinating aspects of the natural history of BC.

When she produced her book, Audrey didn't think just about the contents. She also gave the book a hard cover so it would stand up to a lifetime of reading and rereading, and she still kept the weight down enough to allow the book to be mailed in Canada as a letter, making a great gift to send those who live too far away to enjoy British Columbia up close.

This is an alphabet book for all ages.

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