75th Birthday Celebrated
at the
Upper Hot Springs

75 Birthday Banff Upper Hot Springs


What an afternoon it was! My kids love the hot springs any time of year, so when we found out that the Banff Upper Hot Springs were celebrating their 75th Birthday, we knew we just had to bring the family! The festivities began in the morning with free admission being offered to seniors who wanted to celebrate with a soak. At 2o'clock we were entertained with some great music and memorable singing with pieces from all over the globe, representing the Spring's international popularity of the past and present.

...the whole family can go with the vintage look and wear 1930s swimsuits for an afternoon of fun and relaxationat the Upper Hot Springs in Banff...

The fun continued with the lighting of the candles on the floating tiered birthday cake! Everyone waited with itchy trigger-fingers as the staff tried to get the candles lit! We were asked to bring water guns so we could shoot out the flames... and believe me, the kids were armed and dangerous!

Next up - water games and races with children and parents. The weather was beautiful and made you wish that summer could last just a little longer!!

It was nice to see all of the people who felt brave enough to wear the vintage suits common to the early years of the Springs. Available in all sizes, the young and old were thrown back to an earlier time where life was a little slower.


And thanks for the fun!!

The outdoor spring-fed hot pool is open year-round. The kids will love the children’s wading area and you will love the great views of Banff's famous Mount Rundle and appreciate the restored 1930s heritage bathhouse! Make sure to plan this Rocky Mountain activity into your next getaway weekend!


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