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For any emergency situation requiring outside help, please call 911 in Canada. This will connect you to the first responders who can assist you over the phone and, if the situation allows, in person.


If you need to report an emergency situation in the national park, you can contact Warden Services 24/7.

Banff National Park
Warden Services 24-hr
Ph: (403) 762-4506

The Information Centre located in the townsite of Banff on Banff Ave can answer many of your questions or concerns regarding almost anything in Banff National Park. Their helpful and friendly staff can also provide you with additional literature and fresh ideas for your stay.

Banff National Park
Information Centre
Ph: (403) 762-1550

Park Wardens have the responsibility of keeping the parks safe and accessible to all who enter the park gates. This is of course no easy task, however the wardens are trained in many aspects of the park to assist us in both emergency and non-emergency situations. Whether you have concerns about smoke or wildlife in the area or questions about backcountry conditions or avalanche reports, these are the experts to call. They are also trained to deal with accidents within the park system.

Banff Park Warden
Ph: (403) 762-1470

There are a number of reasons why the Park Wardens should be aware of wildlife sightings within the park; the most important one being safety. Since the Park Wardens are concerned with the safety of all park visitors, it is very helpful for them to know where wild animals have been sighted. Dead or injured animals which have been spotted should also be reported so that the situation can be assessed and dealt with accordingly.

Report Wildlife Sightings
Ph: (403) 762-1470
Ph: (403) 678-5508

Interested in camping in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in the Kananaskis but have some questions regarding your stay?

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park
Camping Reservations
Ph: (403) 591-7226
Ph: (403) 591-0389

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