Danger Avalanche!!

Danger Avalanche?? Yes!! If you are going into the backcountry, you should have knowledge about avalanches in general. Can you identify an area where an avalanche is possible? Would you know what to do if one hit?

Please be prepared and carry a shovel, transceiver and probe with you. Should you find yourself in an avalanche area where signs are posted, please do not stop your vehicle.

For more information on avalanches and avalanche safety call

1-800-667-1105 or go to www.avalanche.ca


Parks Canada has some great information on alvalanches and avalanche terrain ratings to help you be aware of the danger of an area you may be thinking of visiting. Know the risk!

Parks Canada Avalanche and Avalanche Terrain Ratings

Parks Canada also provides visitors with an avalanche bulletin to help you find out about avalanche dangers. Just choose the park you are interested in. (The Avalanche Bulletin Vocabulary section is a useful tool!)

Parks Canada Avalanche Bulletin


Please remember that avalanches are a natural occurrence in nature and can not always be predicted. Take care and be aware when in avalanche-prone areas.


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