the Ultimate Ski Vacation


Fresh white powder, endless vistas, energy rush - that is Heli Skiing. Let me introduce you to the ultimate ski vacation.

I once worked for a company here in the Canadian Rockies called Canadian Mountain Holidays or, as it is locally known, CMH. This was my introduction to a sport that is something beyond just skiing - it is an experience that puts you in the vastness of nature and lets you explore and enjoy the mountains while doing what you love - skiing.


I remember the feeling I had as the helicopter dipped down over the mountain peaks we approached a glacial bowl. The feeling in your stomach is excitement - and anticipation of what is to come. They put you down and as far as the eye can see, there are no tracks. Everything is fresh and crisp, as if it were made just for you, just for that day. You begin to decend down the mountain and notice that you are not really skiing - you are floating down the huge expanse of powder - leaving a rooster tail of snow in your wake.


Nothing like a sauna or hot tub to relax you after a day of heli skiing. Book yourself in for a massage and refresh yourself for another day.

Enjoy the company of people from all over the world to experience the mountains. You begin as strangers who are passionate about skiing and go home as friends after having such an ultimate experience. And did I mention the food? Ohh the food. Chefs create the most delectable meals to be enjoyed with wines from all over the world. Unbelievable desserts and pastries end the feast.


No Ski experience can compare to the thrill of heli skiing. It is the ultimate powder experience - no words can express the feelings and emotions you go through. Even as a kid, I knew it was thee skiing experience and dreamed of a day when I might have the chance. Spoil yourself and make memories that will have you longing for more.