Hell's Gate Airtram

Hells Gate Air Tram
Marcel Finnigan


"Let's stop for an hour or so at Hell's Gate Airtram" suggested Marcel as we left Kamloops, British Columbia. Marcel and I along with three hungry kids had just had a hearty breakfast and were ready for the three hour trek ahead of us. Once there, I looked up and saw an airtram against the deep blue sky. It looked like it was dangling from a thread - it was so high! I really wasn't sure what to expect - the truth is, I suffer from acrophobia - I am afraid of heights. Despite this unfortunate fact... I (almost) always force myself to take part in the adventure and today was no different.

Hell's Gate is located in the beautiful Fraser Canyon almost an hour out of Hope, British Columbia. It was mid-October and the Airtram season was coming to a close. We went in and bought our tickets - and talked a bit with the owner. The Swiss-built airtram has been running since 1971, and there is no wonder it has become a "must-see" attraction in the area. The tram was put in at the narrowest point of the gorge which really adds to the excitement and thrill you feel as you go down - down - down the 150 metres.

Looking down you can see the power 200 million gallons of water per minute has as it smashes and swirls against the smoothened rock cliffs.
Although we had planned on staying an hour or two, we ended up staying the whole afternoon and taking advantage of the many activities:


Find out about the fascinating history of Hell's Gate. From the discovery of the area to the spawing salmon, you'll enjoy the many artifacts, stories, photographs and well-explained exhibits.


Step onto the suspension bridge & observation decks and see the international fishways that were skillfully created for the salmon in the Hells Gate gorge.


Discover how the salmon of the British Columbia spawn by visiting the fisheries exhibit and learn about their life cycle by watching watching "Run Sockeye, Run". (Winner of a bronze medal for Best Ecological Short Film at the New York Film Festival by the way!)


Once you start panning, you won't want to stop! Our kids spent over an hour panning through gravel from Hills Bar, located along the Fraser River. We were told that Hills Bar is where the biggest claim was ever staked in the Fraser Canyon during the great Fraser River Gold Rush of the mid 1860's.


Stop long enough for a bite to eat at Simon's Cafe! For dessert enjoy one of 100 different fanstastic fudgy delights at the Fudge Factory or a couple scoops at the ice cream parlour! We really liked the salt water taffy!


Pick up a good book from the vast selection at the Gold Panner Gift Shop. Find that special treasure from beautiful British Columbia.


Hell's Gate Airtram is located 2.5 hours from Vancouver between Hope and Kamloops on the Trans Canada Highway.

Hell's Gate Airtram
43111 Trans Canada Hwy
Boston Bar, BC Canada


N 49º 46’ 55.3
W 121º 26’ 48.5”


Click here to learn more about the "Mighty Fraser River"
Click here to learn more about the History of the Fraser Valley and Hell's Gate Check out the fun events at this historic attraction!


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