Insider Tip Wilcox Pass Hike

Big Horn Sheep Big Horn Sheep by Marcel Finnigan


For those of you who are avid hikers and would like to explore this area, this hike is one of my favourites. On one occasion, I took my sister and her family on this hike in mid-summer and we had one of the nicest experiences you could ask for. We came across about a dozen big horn sheep! The kids couldn't believe it!! The rams were just resting in the meadows and snacking on the grasses and wildflowers.

Start at the Wilcox Campground and make your way through a 400-year old forest of Engelmann spruce. Take a look at the bark of these magnificent old trees. It is rough and wrinkled-looking. Now, gently shake the tree's hand (or bough!!) like you would a person. These four-sided needles are pokey! That is how you know you are looking at an Engelmann Spruce. Flowered meadows and the beauty of this alpine valley await you! Round trip is about 4 hrs. Well worth it!

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